How to focus on important tasks and outsource others? Hire a virtual assistant.

Busy blogger or entrepreneur looking to hire a virtual assistant? If you are in search of a dedicated helping hand with a proven track record of providing quality assistance, you’re in the right place.

Being organized is my strength. Why not hire me as a virtual assistant and help your blog / business?

Head over to read the services I offer below, read what previous clients said about me, or fill in the questionnaire that follows to let me know more about what virtual assistance are you needing.

Oops sorry 🙁 I am not accepting virtual assistant projects at the moment.


What can you count on me if you hire me as a virtual assistant.

Wordpress Site Management / Content Repurposing

WordPress content updating & formatting, podcast management, simple web design

Transcription & Closed-captioning

Transcription of clear audio / video, closed-captioning of YouTube videos. Rate: $0.70 per audio or video minute, turnaround of 3-5 days

Medical Related Projects

Any help that you'll need - overlooking medical information for non-medical researches / fiction writing


Rate for my services other than transcription / closed-captioning.

You and Me
Working with Me Directly

Direct Communication Via Email

No Processing Fees

Direct Invoicing and Time Tracking


What clients who hired me as a virtual assistant have to say.

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Josh G. Australia
Jenne was very clear in her communication and did her best to provide top quality work. It wasn't an easy transcribing job, but she exceeded my expectations. Well done! I can definitely recommend her to others needing English transcription and probably other important jobs too!
Sanjeev M. UK

Jenne is a very sincere and thorough worker. She fulfills her commitments religiously and has never let me down. Her quality of work and communication is excellent and she is very keen to improve and learn. I would recommend her wholeheartedly for she uses her initiative, knowledge and common sense to improve quality of her work. 

Saleem S. Canada
I have recommended Jenne to my colleagues and she has lived up to every expectation. Excellent skills, communication, adherence to schedule and a pleasure to work with.
Rochelle H. US
Extremely professional, thorough, detailed oriented and very high quality work. She genuinely cared about delivering a quality product. Exceptional transcription skills, very responsive and routine communication on status and to clarify any questions.
Heidi A. US

Jenne is the most amazing person I've hired. Her communication skills are excellent and she is always prompt and courteous. She is a gem. I would recommend her over and over again.

Chris W. US

She was amazing. Very very fast. Quality work. Will definitely hire again.

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