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  1. Comment at any posts in the blog (link). I personally read every comment and respond to them where appropriate. I take feedback and constructive criticism seriously. Let's have some useful discussion on the posts.
  2. Tweet me at @jenne_tan! I tweet daily about medical revision for medical students. Follow me to revise a little every day.
  3. Want to reach me by mail? Sure. If you want to say hi and ask general questions / suggest topics on posts that I can write - send me a mail to, I'll reply to you in a couple of days.
  4. Want to have more serious discussions about hiring me as virtual assistant? Head over to the 'Work With Me' page to know more about the services I provide. Planning on arranging a collaboration on anything with Under My White Coat? [Note: I work to keep this site ad-free, and hence not accepting any placement of ads. Thanks!] Cool. Shoot me a mail at I'll get back to you soon!
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